Were we to translate it into Polish, we would have to say "rozwiązywacz" (from Polish “rozwiązać” – “to solve”)


We manufacture the tools indispensable for the successive production process...


We own a technology park with machinery at our disposal...

I would like this website to guide you through the process of creating solutions. My client once said: " Let Wirtek do it, he's a "solutioner"." The conversation took place in Spain... In Polish, there seems to be no accurate word for “solutioner”. Perhaps "rozwiązywacz" (from the Polish word "rozwiązać" - "to solve") would make a suitable equivalent. Now listen to the story... or if you are anxious to learn the details, simply scroll down.

the onset, or the problem

We welcome customers with various technical problems to be solved. We strive to support them on their path at the stage they are currently at. And here are the specific stages:

stage I: concept

Before we start working, we need to perform a recon by fire. After all, life is a constant struggle. In order to achieve your goal you frequently commit mistakes. That's why we try to take every solution into account during the design process. And there is usually a whole range of solutions. A few, a dozen or so. Due to the limitations of this world we are able to bring with us only one to three solutions to the subsequent stage.

stage II: design

Having completed the first part, you have to lean over the details. The design is to assist us in the evaluation of the concept in the first stage, and if the choice does not meet the technical and functional requirements, we turn to another concept or improve the current one. Fortunately, the designing process is carried out with the use of modern 2d/3d programs, which make it very convenient for us to fine-tune the details. At the end of the project, the developed documentation allows us to manufacture a part, a machine or an alternative product.

stage III: reverse engineering

Sometimes our customers report to us with items that cannot be purchased - like the machinery gear in the picture. The whole machine is operational and this single missing component makes sewing impossible. The old German design. The customer would like us to reconstruct the component in accordance with the model. Such a process is invariably laborious. Measurements, 3D models, drawing, CNC program simulation, etc. before the component is ready to be put into the machine that will continue to operate, perhaps during the next 50 years. Who knows?

stage IV: prototyping

Time to examine our vision. Depending on what we want to verify, we have to apply a particular method of production. On one occasion it will be cutting the model out of polystyrene foam to strengthen the door panel of Opel. 3d printing for plastic components. The most advanced prototype in our history was a 1:1 scale vehicle mock-up for the Warsaw University of Technology. Once the prototype is developed, what matters most is the approval. This process serves to evaluate the actual features: the appearance, usability, access, etc.

stage V: organization of production

This is one of the most important, if not the crucial part of our journey. We know how important it is to organize work properly. Everything depends on how we do it - quality, deadline, costs. These are the factors that are extremely important for our customers and for us. All this in order to arrive at our destination as soon as possible. We try to share our successes and failures with our customers at every opportunity. Sometimes it is just a regular phone call. At other times we have to call to apologize for the delay. And what gives us the greatest pleasure is the organization of production for our customers by manufacturing instruments for production and technical counseling.

stage VI: production

Let us proceed to manufacturing. It is sometimes at this later stage that our assistance is required. We want to serve everyone according to their needs. We roll, mill, cut, weld, thread and bend. We do everything there is to do. None of us in this world is perfect and omnipotent, so we have to rely on others too. We are anxious to select dependable partners above all.

stage VII: quality control

All components have been manufactured. Time for a check. Our human limitation results in occasional failure to see exactly what we are doing. During this stage we make sure that what we have done meets the technical, functional and visual requirements of everything that our client needs. With noble purpose in mind, we are also concerned about our planet and when something is not in accordance with the assumed numbers, but it fulfills its functions we try to agree on any deviations with the client. There is something more to this stage. Sometimes we have to develop and manufacture quality control instruments for our customers. Such instruments require special attention and precision. The aviation industry is very demanding in terms of quality control. All of this is done in order to arrive at the destination.

stage VIII manufacturing tools

We have reached the moment when all components are ready. It is time to finish the work. Painting, blackening, polishing and the most pleasant of all, the assembly. After all the efforts we can finally witness things that we have jointly created. This stage brings us the most satisfaction. To do something greater. Something complicated. After the work is completed we deliver our tools to our customers. They serve at very different stages of production: welding stations, final quality control, component marking, cutting of excess material, sandblasting, washing, anodizing, mold baking, wax casting, grinding.


I shared with you an account from the life of our company. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for you. I am convinced that our life ends with something greater. That is why we are trying to draw as many conclusions from our successes and failures as possible to make our life more complete, richer and simply better. I encourage you to follow Wirtek in pursuing a common path towards a better world.

Founder Marcin Grondkowski



To achieve the best quality cost-effectiveness and precision one needs 3d software. It is helpful at every stage of production from design to manufacturing. We use the most modern CAD/CAM software by Siemens NX.

3D printing

Our machinery park is not short of state-of-the-art equipment for 3D printing. This allows us to produce three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file and based on a computer model. In practice, this involves the rapid production of spare parts, damaged or even unavailable on the market. The scope of work of our 3d printer is 300x300x300

CNC milling

For the treatment of materials we use computer-controlled devices: milling machines, lathes. This way, we quickly obtain precise and perfectly repeatable shapes. In recent years, we have gradually expanded our machinery park, due to which fact, at present we are able to perform the most advanced CNC services. It does not constitute a difficulty for us to work on complicated shapes - we will satisfy even the most excessive expectations of the customer.


We use the CNC turning process to obtain the appropriate shape of objects made of metal, plastic and other materials. (reference to materials) There are various machine tools in our machinery park, so that the range of our work is wide and fully meets the needs of customers.
The maximum working range of the machines: rod up to 42 mm in diameter - automatic feeder, machine with moving frames, possible side drilling and off-axis drilling from the front of one fixture, as well as turning/milling of any shapes.


Our specialists will perform high quality CNC milling regardless of the material selected. All milling services are performed in a professional manner and with the use of modern machines. We have three-axis milling machines at our disposal. As a result, we provide excellent material processing and selection of optimal cutting methods so that the result is satisfactory.
The maximum working range of machines: 1270 x 508 x 635.


Our welding department selects appropriate methods according to the material or purpose of the structure. We weld with MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG methods. The welded materials represent various types of constructional and acid-resistant steel, titanium and aluminum. If necessary, we cooperate with our business partners in the field of laser welding.

thread rolling

Rolling increases the durability of threads. This process increases resistance to bending and pressure. Thanks to the use of specialized machines we can be sure that the obtained dimensions are accurate and precise. We have been providing this service for years, guaranteeing our customers compliance with the approved design, as well as timely work.

sheet metal bending

We use sheet metal bending technology, due to which we are able to obtain any shape of the material. Permanent changes of curvature are obtained without changing the transverse dimensions and preserving the properties of the sheet. After processing, the element is as durable and consistent as before bending. Our machinery park is equipped with modern numerically controlled equipment, which ensures precision and the highest quality of service and we are able to carry out even non-standard orders.
The length of the bending line amounts to up to 3000 mm, sheet thickness up to 20 mm. The maximum length of the bending line depends on the sheet thickness. You are kindly requested to send quotation inquiry in order to check the feasibility of bending.


Maintaining the high quality of the machining and production components requires precise and reliable measurement control. We guarantee accurate measurements by using specialized equipment and techniques. The control of the developed elements takes place at every stage of production. For the final inspection in justified cases we use, among others, 3D measurements in certified laboratories.


Our specialists also carry out marking, after checking whether a given element meets certain quality standards or for identification purposes. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers at each of the production stages.

laser cutting

We use modern machinery to perform laser cutting. Our specialists with many years of experience select economically justified production methods. We take care to achieve the best quality results at minimum cost.
The maximum range of laser cutting: table dimensions 2000x4000, thickness for black steel 20mm, thickness for acid resistant steel 15mm.

waterjet cutting

We use an innovative waterjet cutting technology that uses a very high pressure waterjet to cut all kinds of material. The key advantage of this cutting technique is the elimination of thermal impact on the processed material. The methods we use avoid the risk of material damage, scratches or micro-cracks. The maximum range of waterjet cutting: table dimensions 1500 x 3000, maximum sheet thickness 150mm.

CNC cutting

Due to numerically controlled saws we are able to obtain professional cuts of various types of materials, while maintaining precision and quick realization time. The whole process does not require supervision by the employee. Our customers can be sure to achieve much better results than by applying traditional methods. Cutting of material is performed with a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm. The cutting plane has a low roughness thanks to the use of sintered carbide saws and the application of appropriate cutting parameters.


We use the cold forging method, which enables us to treat some surfaces without chip processing. We ensure accuracy of forging of 0.2÷0.5 mm with surface roughness after forging equaling Ra 1.25. This method also allows us to maintain the axiality of products in the range of 0.2 mm and obtain clean forgings with oil film, which remain free from rust. Long-standing experience in the industry as well as the knowledge of our specialists are a guarantee that every material that we process achieves the exact parameters that our customers expect.

cooperation services

  •  vacuum hardening
  •  surface grinding
  •  nit-riding
  •  oxidation
  •  galvanisation
  •  anodizing
  •  electropolishing
  •  tefloning

treated materials

  •  plastics PP, POM, PA, PTFE
  •  acid-resistant and stainless steel: 304, 310, 316, 310, 321
  •  heat-resistant steels: H25N20S2, H18N25S2
  •  constructional steels: S235, S355, C45, 40HM
  •  aluminum alloys: PA6, PA9, PA11, PA38
  •  non-ferrous metals: copper, brown, brass
  •  super alloys: Inconel, Nimonic
  •  titanium
  •  tool steels: NC6, NC11LV, NC11, WCLV
  •  other customized materials according to customer needs

about us

"Wirtek - konstrukcje" has been present on the market for over 15 years. When it was established, in 2008, it was a response to the demand for construction services, which we observed in the automotive sector. The first decade of functioning on the market was marked by engineering and technical works: we prepared technical documentation, designed welding devices, specialized tools, assembly stations, production lines, modified and improved machines and equipment.

In 2010, however, there appeared obstacles that we had to face. "Wirtek - konstrukcje" was largely dependent on the automotive industry. Therefore, when the crisis affected this sector of the economy, our company also began to record losses. However, we decided not to suspend our activity. On the contrary, we started looking for new customer segments. For many years during which we have been operating in the construction industry, we have realized many large contracts (among others, for big businesses in the automotive industry), but the time has come for strategic decisions to save the condition of the whole company. In 2017 we decided to diversify our strategy, as well as to invest in a tool room, thanks to which we could start our own production.
Today, the production and service building is located in Lublin, with an area of 848 m2, and it is supplemented by a warehouse hall in Włodawa measuring 1497 m2. We can be proud of the fact that we have financed the investment entirely from our own resources and revenues generated by the company. We made a hazardous decision, but it was a result of observation and analysis of the market of special tool suppliers.

Thanks to a good understanding of our customers' needs, the company quickly gained new contractors from leading industrial sectors. We have changed our business profile to a typical production one, and since 2017 we no longer offer any services. At present, we manufacture: precision special tools for adjustment of engine turbine blades, as well as welding tools, process and control tools, molds for wax casting, turbine blade fixing devices and spare parts for gas turbines. We produce for such sectors as: automotive, aviation, regeneration of gas turbines, as well as for the space industry (European Space Agency).

We pride ourselves on cooperation with such companies as:

The industries for which we work require us to provide services of highest quality and with extreme precision. Our products must meet stringent standards of material safety, strength and construction. Tools released by our company are manufactured flawlessly and with strict consideration of their purpose. The very fact that we cooperate with the aviation and space industries is a testimony to our manufacturing potential, our enormous knowledge - both theoretical and practical, our competence and experience in the construction industry.



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